River City Republican Club  - Jacksonville, Florida
About The River City Republican Club
The River City Republican Club is Jacksonville's premier conservative Republican club.  We are a friendly group of people from various backgrounds joined together with the common purpose of supporting and advancing conservative political beliefs in our community, state, and country.  We love getting together to talk politics and to keep abreast of the political landscape in our country that is shaping the world in which we live.  In this politically correct world this is the ONE PLACE where you are EXPECTED to have an opinion.
Club Objectives:
I. To uphold the principles of freedom, equality, and justice on which the Republican Party and the government of this nation are founded, as set forth in the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Florida;
II. To foster loyalty to the Republican Party;
III. To promote an informed electorate through political education;
IV. To seek qualified candidates for local, county, state and federal offices;
V. To promote the election of all Republican candidates in the General Election; and
VI. To provide leadership opportunities and political involvement at all levels of government.
President: Terry Vane
Vice President: Stephen Cargile
Treasurer: Laura Stonacek
Recording Secretary: Mike Anania
Corresponding Secretary: Ann Tillinghast

Education Chair: Stephen Cargile
Membership Chair: Antoinette Jones
Programs and Speakers: Steve Veth
Hospitality Chair: Mary Jane Travis
Military Liaison Chair: Greg McDermott
Finance Chair: Laura Stonacek
Historian: Doris Crout
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